The corn on the farm is harvested, and there are no plans to plant new crops at the moment. We’ll be entering into a dry season shortly, and we don’t have any good irrigation plans yet. There is also some equipment that we’d like to have before getting too involved. {It should be on it’s way soon!} So, in the meantime, while we can’t officially hire employees, we are allowed to continue offering special projects to a few guys.

Isaac, Kwame, Joshua and Roland have been sweating it out in our front yard for the past few days. In just five days our yard has gone from swampy to accessible…shovel-full by shovel-full. There’s no loader tractor here – yet. The guys worked hard to create a new gutter on the one side of our house to help keep the flow of water out of our yard. They also moved a LOT of dirt to low-lying areas of the yard where water had a tendency to sit.

Here’s a shot of the gutter-work, in progress.


There is still work to be done on the gutter and yard, but yesterday they took a break from that and started work on raised beds and a washline area for me – YAY! Jonathan framed up the beds a few days before, and helped the guys set them in the ground, fill them and create the stone walk-way {from the large pile of stones sitting in our front yard}. Much to my surprise, they decided to move on and set up my washline area too! They got it all framed and were starting to fill it with stones, when our trusty wheel barrow decided it had had ENOUGH! The wheel broke off and it collapsed to the ground, never to rise again {ok…maybe it will, if we can find a welder to fix it – HA!} At that point, the guys were really tired, but they were still quite bummed to have to leave the work unfinished. They had hopes of at least getting all the stones in. I think tomorrow they will set up my poles and line and finish with the stones. I’m pumped to actually have a washline {soon!}

“Sister Juanita’s Botanical Gardens” as they were calling it…I told them they should wait and see if anything actually grows!


It’s been really good to see these guys working. They come every day, on time {Joshua’s usually early}, and they work HARD! It seems as if they set goals each day to get a certain thing accomplished, and they don’t quit until it’s finished. We can only hope that all future employees follow their example. If you think of it, keep each of them in your prayers. They each have a story. Some of them have small ones depending on them…and I know they feel the weight of it.

Thanks for tuning in. I’ll be sure to post the finished project – hopefully with little green plants peeking out of the beds and wash blowing in the breeze!

Written by: Juanita

6 Responses to “Gutters, Raised Beds and Washlines – Oh My!”

  1. Janet says:

    Love those beds! They look wonderful, great work boys!!

  2. Thelma says:

    It looks very botanical indeed. always fun to see an update from you guys. There was playdate at church this a.m. You and Elliot were missed.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I love your gardens!
    Looks like you’ll soon have something to keep you busy!
    No more Madagascar! :)

  4. Dana says:

    Hi Juanita, I have been enjoying your updates, Joanne and Judy asked to see them the other day and really loved looking at pictures and posts. (We snuck it in while Jim was away!) :) Looks like you have many blessings at your new home!
    Miss you!

  5. Jon H. says:

    your gardens are very nice have fun growing things in them!!

  6. Twila Gehman says:

    Would it be more fun entering payables, paying bills and entering cash receipts???? Probably just watching your little seeds come alive would be good enough for me. Oh, only if I had the time to actually sit and do that. And about that gutter hole…looks more like a nice “stream” for Elliot to play in. Looks like things are coming together on your end one day at a time. Miss you.