It’s been about two months since we received an email letting us know that a big container full of farm equipment was packed and headed our way. By Christmas, we knew it was sitting in the port, waiting to be cleared. Last night, it finally arrived in it’s new home – ours!

We were sad to have to miss church this morning, but off-loading a 40-foot shipping container weighing more than 10 tons in the dark didn’t seem like the best idea. I watched them off-load it in the daylight and wasn’t completely sure until it finally rested on the ground that there wouldn’t be any casualties. {Praise God, there were not!}

The off-loading team was just 3 guys with 2 jacks and a couple of pipes. Here they are, just starting to raise the back end.


The back end is lifted off the trailer and resting on a few boards and a pipe. Of course, as always seems to be the case, the truck got stuck in our yard.


What a spectacle! The neighbors came to watch the fun.


I’ve never witnessed an “off-loading” before, but something tells me this is not the normal procedure – or the standard tools. They were picking up rocks and pieces of wood from our yard to help support it. It’s good we were prepared with ample “junk” to help out!


THIS made me so nervous! I was imagining all sorts of bad things happening. I kept thinking, “If that were me, where would I go if that thing shifted?”


So, today as we swing open the doors of the big blue box, we say good-bye to the era of, “When the container comes…” We lay down our cutlasses and exchange them for a chain saw and a lawn mower. And, we look forward to a future of many projects!

By the way…we’re also super-thankful for all those who donated equipment. If any of you happen to stumble across our little blog – THANKS!

Written by: Juanita

6 Responses to “Big Blue Box”

  1. Michelle Horst says:

    I am so excited for you all. sound like exciting times!

  2. Michelle Horst says:

    happy unpacking!!

  3. janet says:

    YAY for the big blue box’s arrival!! Enjoy unpacking and using all the great stuff!

  4. Twila Gehman says:

    Oh my, you need to be a news reporter. Is that going to be your new front yard ornament?

  5. Angie says:

    Sounds like fun times are ahead! If I’m thinking correctly there are some long awaited items for your home on that container too. Have fun unpacking your “toys”. :)

  6. Janelle says:

    YAY!!!! Super exciting!