We’re going through some simple transformations around here, trying to bring some Christmas cheer to the place.

First things first…the nativity. We’ve had this for the several Christmases, and it’s always unwrapped with great excitement.


Actually, he opened his set as well as the porcelain one from my MIL, and was running around the house with them. Making the angels fly, and that sort of thing. Don’t worry, all breakable pieces are now safely on display on a high shelf. See?


Then of course, there’s the small {fake} Christmas tree we bought our first year here. It needed some new ornaments this year, and since we have an abundance of bottle caps, it only seemed logical to put them to use.


I don’t actually have a picture of the Christmas tree, since we have a little light issue that needs fixed. Only half of them are working. We picked out some nice Coke, Sprite, Alvaro {Pear and Pineapple} and Malta caps to give the tree a nice assortment of red, green and yellow. Then we pounded holes in them {the best part of the process for a little boy!} and hung them with red yarn.

A second bottle cap project was snowman making. A good chance to get rid of some of the “scandalous” caps the little guy collected at the local restaurant. Ha! ;)

ornaments2 snowmen

We also started a new advent this year called the Jesse Tree. It free, it’s a great way to spend a little time each day putting the focus where it should be, it makes a cool visual statement, and if you have a printer, it’s SIMPLE! If your printer decided to develop paper feeding issues, and you need ink, but don’t happen to live near a Staples {and are currently without transportation anyway} – not so simple. In case this ever happens to you, you should know that as long as you’re very careful, you can use your computer monitor as a light box and simply trace the images. An hour’s worth of work with a pencil, some paper, and then a Sharpie, and I had half of the pictures ready to go. Extreme? Maybe, but they actually turned out pretty well and I thought it was worth it. Plus, I sort of enjoyed it.

I also have no pictures of this tree. Maybe later I’ll do a tree post, ok? :)

…and one last transformation that took place this week, but has nothing to do with Christmas:

This little head of hair was getting pretty out of control. Our clippers was cutting about as well as a butter knife, so I decided to brave the task of cutting Elliot’s hair with a SCISSORS! Ok, I’m sure there are some veteran hair-cutter Mom’s out there who just rolled their eyes, but you should know that I’ve only ever cut his hair once before this, and that was with a clippers.


Anyway, I did not cut much off at all, and I went very slowly. Little Boy, who is normally allowed a 30-minute movie during the day, got extra movie time.

There you have it. Shorter, yes, but I will need to cut it again in the near future. The second time around should go more smoothly. And who knows, I may get good at it yet!

shorter-hair2 shorter-hair1
Written by: Juanita

2 Responses to “Transformations.”

  1. Ok – those bottlecap snowmen are just too cute and a perfect ‘trash to treasure’ project. And the haircut? Priceless (literally!) Way to go my dear!

  2. Judy says:

    It’s unbelievable that it’s been a year since we were decorating for Christmas together! Seriously. It seems like only a few short months ago. I have vivid memories of sitting and making the match box advent and stringing pompoms for garland. Also, a mouse hiding in the Christmas tree trying in evade the crazy people chasing it around the kitchen. hah :) I love the idea of bottle caps as ornaments and snowmen. You are so creative seester. hey, have a good night! love you guys!