It’s Been A While.

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I could make a list of excuses about why I haven’t written since Thanksgiving. Mostly, I guess I haven’t been sure of what to say. Or maybe I was afraid of what I might say.

I do feel like I owe some sort update to our friends and family – a progress report regarding our plans for moving forward with the farming project. The truth is, it hasn’t felt much like progress these past 5 months. Things haven’t exactly fallen into place the way we envisioned when we left Ghana. It’s been more waiting and “I don’t knows” than we would have chosen. There is something humbling about realizing you don’t know the plan.

As we continue to wait for clear direction on our further involvement with the farm, we’ve had to shift our focus a bit. We can only live in a state of complete limbo for so long. We suddenly find ourselves looking at housing of our own. {We’ve been living in part of someone’s house, which is fully furnished and set up for missionaries on furlough.} Jonathan has taken on a new full-time job. And then there’s the possibility of a little farming venture of our own. On THIS side of the ocean. What?!

There are definitely still many questions surrounding some of these things, but it is beginning to feel as if we may be headed in a different direction than we thought. We’ll keep you informed as things become clearer, but until then, I think I shall leave you with one picture. Since my last post was from Thanksgiving, how about a shot from Christmas? It seems we had an extra gift-giver this year! :)

Written by: Juanita

4 Responses to “It’s Been A While.”

  1. Sherri Y. says:

    August is a great month for little gifts! I’m so excited for you that I need to tell you twice :) congratulations, again!

  2. sheree says:

    JUANITA! So extremely happy with you in the new gift in August – YES! God surround your heart in that anticipation and joy:). And may God surround both of your hearts in the waiting, unknown, and anticipation of what God is doing with Ghana, farming, stateside, etc. Your open hands and hearts to Him are worship. Hugs… Sheree

  3. Aunt Doris says:

    I am so HAPPY for YOU & YOUR Family.August is a GOOD month to CELEBRATE,just ask Grandma Neff,Aunt Doris,cousins Dawn,Dana & Judah! WHAT a cute way to announce your gift :) CONGRATULATIONS ! I LOVE anticipation…

    Aunt Doris

  4. Sara says:

    To me, this little one will be a Ghana-baby. Of all the pictures to come, (& there will be many!)I so look forward to seeing one of you, baby and Patricia. At least you won’t be laboring on the Accra road…even though I know you’re game for it. :)