Jonathan, Juanita, and Elliot Groff

Jonathan, Juanita, and Elliot Groff

Ghana. It seems that word has always filled our conversation – and our hearts. We’ve traveled back and forth several times, but now it’s time to call it ‘home’.


In the past, we have served in various roles at the Lighthouse Children’s’ Home. Because of the high cost of rent, and the limited space of their location, the Lighthouse has always had a vision to acquire land and build on it. Through the assistance of some business men, who have formed the Lighthouse International Development Ltd., that dream has become a reality. A plot of land has been purchased!

Our Mission

For now, it’s just the three of us, on seventy-eight acres of undeveloped land. We are working directly under Lighthouse International Development Ltd. to start and manage an agricultural program and oversee building projects on the land. We do, of course, need help, and that’s the exciting part – providing jobs!

Working closely with older children who have left the Lighthouse is perhaps one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of this project. Our goal is to provide them with jobs and teach them the skills they need to support themselves.

This blog is our attempt to keep friends and family up to date with farming and building projects, special needs, praises and general family information. In short, it’s the seeds sown and lessons learned. So…stick around!