Plans Change.

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As I mentioned a few days ago, we were blessed by the chain of events that unexpectedly brought a few extra helping hands our way. Eric and Preston were able to join my brother, Jon, for what was meant to be a roofing project on our farm. Our workshop has been underway for a while [...]

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A cold Alvaro, Pringles and some mellow Phil Keaggy guitar music in an otherwise quiet house – the perfect combination for a little blog session. {Incidentally, this Phil Keaggy album is the same one I discovered amongst the stash of CD’s I borrowed from my “not-quite-yet-boyfriend” that time he ran off to Ghana and left [...]


Just One Week.

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One week. Seven days. Not a huge span of time, yet, in some ways, as I prepared for our most recent guests {Gerry [our Canadian "boss"] and his wife Trish} to arrive, I found myself wondering what we would do to fill the time. Sure, the men would be busy at the farm, but what [...]