Maize harvest.

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Our days have been busy around here. Even before Mike and Cheryl arrived with their three awesome boys and multiplied the activity and food consumption in our little house dramatically, there was plenty to occupy our time. The main focus at the farm for the past few weeks has been harvesting the 18 acres of [...]

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Evening Ride.

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It’s just a little Wednesday evening ride down the bumpy dirt road to the ever-expanding LID Farm. Elliot begs for these little trips, “Please, Dad, can we go to the farm?” His eyes dance with the thrill of the tractor, and the admiration of the guy who drives it. I’ve gotta say, I enjoy these [...]


And…We’re Back!

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Actually, we’ve been back for a little over a month, and as I FINALLY get back into this blog thing, I’m sheepishly ducking my head at the realization that my last post was on the 8th of MAY. Yikes! Those three-and-a-half weeks in the States were FUN. Lots of friends, family and good food. A [...]


As Promised…

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I mentioned several weeks ago that our corn has been planted, and I promised a post devoted to the project. Here it is, a little later than intended. But honestly, it’s more fun to share pictures now that the corn is up and growing well, than to just show the planting process. Isaac, pouring the [...]