We’re going through some simple transformations around here, trying to bring some Christmas cheer to the place. First things first…the nativity. We’ve had this for the several Christmases, and it’s always unwrapped with great excitement. Actually, he opened his set as well as the porcelain one from my MIL, and was running around the house [...]

Nothing earth shattering over here today, just thought I’d share a few pretties… The living room is still coming together, bit by bit. I finally put my shelf {the dark brown one, in the far corner of the room} to work as more than just a landing zone for miscellaneous junk. Jonathan made the shelf…a [...]


Sometimes the days shuffle by unnoticed, so full of the normal. Rise and dress. Make the bed as neighboring chickens squawk outside our bedroom and cries of “Mom-my” burst from the next room. Greet the son who is full of energy and seems to have grown overnight. Help him into his shorts and tee, or [...]


This post shall be short and sweet. A few weeks ago, while Jonathan was supposed to be travelling on his cattle trip {it got rescheduled a few times}, I spent a few lovely days with my friend Sara, in Accra. One item on our agenda was to can tomatoes. We headed off to the market [...]


In Review.

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August passed with almost no action on this little blog of ours. I can’t say that I feel like I got a lot of other things done, yet somehow, my days seemed fuller, with less free time on the computer. Maybe it’s because August is a month of vacation for the school kids. Elliot’s little [...]

It seems my blogging goes in spurts. At times, I have a multitude of ideas and pictures just floating around in my head, waiting to find life on the great Triple W. {Uh, that’s World Wide Web, in case you need clarification.} And then, there are whole weeks, joined together and passing almost in an [...]


After six months of sitting on hard wooden benches, we finally brought home a kitchen table and chairs. That was in March. We fully expected to have a set of sweet little brown chairs sitting in our living room by that time. We had picked them out, ordered them, and were just waiting for them [...]


Last night marked the end of an era at Ankamu house. The crazy green walls that first greeted me have been all been exchanged for calmer, more inviting colors. {Well, there is still that ONE room where we store all our tools, extra paint, and miscellaneous “pieces”}. Cheryl has been my faithful painting sidekick. I [...]

There’s so much good stuff going on around here, it’s hard to know where to start! Mike, Cheryl and their three boys arrived safely and on time on Thursday. They’ve adjusted very well and have already helped us accomplish a lot. Let’s start with the farming stuff {since that’s why we’re here!}: Mike and Jonathan [...]

In a facebook status update earlier this week, I hinted at some grand and exciting developments. I wasn’t going to blog about them until everything was finalized, but then I figured, hey, why not? I can always come back later and give updates. So…the excitement started Wednesday, and I anticipate more to come in the [...]