This post shall be short and sweet. A few weeks ago, while Jonathan was supposed to be travelling on his cattle trip {it got rescheduled a few times}, I spent a few lovely days with my friend Sara, in Accra. One item on our agenda was to can tomatoes. We headed off to the market [...]


After six months of sitting on hard wooden benches, we finally brought home a kitchen table and chairs. That was in March. We fully expected to have a set of sweet little brown chairs sitting in our living room by that time. We had picked them out, ordered them, and were just waiting for them [...]

In a facebook status update earlier this week, I hinted at some grand and exciting developments. I wasn’t going to blog about them until everything was finalized, but then I figured, hey, why not? I can always come back later and give updates. So…the excitement started Wednesday, and I anticipate more to come in the [...]


Blogging 2 days in a row?! Yep, it’s allowed, I think. Today is a lazy Saturday anyway – no workers around, Elliot’s taking his afternoon nap and Jonathan went with Joshua to get some things so I can make supper and A COFFEE CAKE. Yep. I said it. Coffee Cake. My oven is back in [...]