Since it’s Christmas day and we are being completely and totally, unashamedly lazy, I thought I’d inundate the world wide web with bits of our life. {I’ve already posted several things to facebook}. Those of you who already saw it on fb, I will spare you a repeat of our Christmas happenings. Instead, here are [...]



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Injustice. I suppose that’s the word that’s been haunting me. I suppose you could say “unfair”, “wrong”, “messed up”. This world is broken and falling apart and full of hurt. And when I hear the stories and see the faces behind them, I want to fall down. And yet…I also desire deeply to rise up [...]

She is due to deliver her third child today. She is tired, and simply waiting for the contractions to start. Yet, she still carries her own water from our pipe each morning and afternoon. She still ties her 2-year-old daughter onto her back and walks the kilometer into town when she needs something. She greets [...]


In December, I felt compelled to walk back the dirt road beside our house, meet the people living there and bring them some Christmas cheer. We had been living here for about two months, and I only knew the name of one old lady, and two small boys. So, with cookies in hand, and Joshua [...]


The Castle, with it’s white exterior always strikes me as lovely. I could spend hours just snapping happily away with my little friend the Canon. The truth, however, is that within those white walls lies a history of pain, suffering and extreme sadness. Cape Coast Castle is one of three remaining castles that stand along [...]


Last Sunday found us standing around with bated breath as a group of guys unloaded our container. If you missed it, check it out HERE. This morning it was good to once again be among the believers at CCC Eagles’ Temple. Today, they shared communion, and we found Pastor Ike’s message really interesting. We all [...]

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