Sometimes the days shuffle by unnoticed, so full of the normal. Rise and dress. Make the bed as neighboring chickens squawk outside our bedroom and cries of “Mom-my” burst from the next room. Greet the son who is full of energy and seems to have grown overnight. Help him into his shorts and tee, or [...]


In Review.

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August passed with almost no action on this little blog of ours. I can’t say that I feel like I got a lot of other things done, yet somehow, my days seemed fuller, with less free time on the computer. Maybe it’s because August is a month of vacation for the school kids. Elliot’s little [...]


There’s a strange phenomenon in my kitchen. In the past day or two, I’ve noticed the presence of ICE in my water. I’ve checked on my stash of meat, and discovered it to be FROZEN. These highly unusual happenings seem to be originating from a magical, sparkly white box in the corner of the room. [...]



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This is not my first experience with the Harmattan. We two were introduced during my first trip to Ghana. At that time, we were houseparents at the Lighthouse Children’s Home. I noticed that the children started showing up at the breakfast table wearing coats and turtlenecks, and complaining that the fan was making them cold. [...]

Ahh, projects, projects. My house is in a state of disaster, but I know that it will one day be otherwise. Lunch was cooked on the porch, and I spent most of the morning trying to keep Elliot out of harms way. What’s on the project menu this time? Demolition – of both the master [...]


My little boy…he’s sweet, smart, inquisitive and naughty. Today, while I was weeding and the guys were busy chiseling my kitchen wall, he played quietly on the front step. A little too quietly. I was just preparing to go check on him {since he was out of sight} when I heard Joshua say, “Elliot” in [...]


Blogging 2 days in a row?! Yep, it’s allowed, I think. Today is a lazy Saturday anyway – no workers around, Elliot’s taking his afternoon nap and Jonathan went with Joshua to get some things so I can make supper and A COFFEE CAKE. Yep. I said it. Coffee Cake. My oven is back in [...]