Nothing earth shattering over here today, just thought I’d share a few pretties… The living room is still coming together, bit by bit. I finally put my shelf {the dark brown one, in the far corner of the room} to work as more than just a landing zone for miscellaneous junk. Jonathan made the shelf…a [...]


Sometimes the days shuffle by unnoticed, so full of the normal. Rise and dress. Make the bed as neighboring chickens squawk outside our bedroom and cries of “Mom-my” burst from the next room. Greet the son who is full of energy and seems to have grown overnight. Help him into his shorts and tee, or [...]


After six months of sitting on hard wooden benches, we finally brought home a kitchen table and chairs. That was in March. We fully expected to have a set of sweet little brown chairs sitting in our living room by that time. We had picked them out, ordered them, and were just waiting for them [...]