Happy Faces.

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When Auntie Cheryl shows up in Ankamu with her bag of tricks, a flurry of excitement is sure to follow. She already posted a lot of sweet pictures on her blog. Make sure you take a look – and also, if you have a minute, back up and read the previous posts about the Arm [...]


Gramps and Gran in Ankamu.

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I haven’t said anything about it on here, mostly because I assume that most readers of this humble little blog would already be aware, but…last month my parents paid us a 10-day visit! It had been 8 years since their last visit to Ghana {during our first term at the Lighthouse Children’s Home}, so it [...]


A cold Alvaro, Pringles and some mellow Phil Keaggy guitar music in an otherwise quiet house – the perfect combination for a little blog session. {Incidentally, this Phil Keaggy album is the same one I discovered amongst the stash of CD’s I borrowed from my “not-quite-yet-boyfriend” that time he ran off to Ghana and left [...]