Well, Take 2.

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We were pretty pleased with our humble hand-dug well. If you remember, I wrote about it, HERE. The guys worked hard, and in return, it really WAS working for us! Over time, though, it started to develop a mud problem. We drained it twice and scooped out buckets of muck, trying to find a solution. [...]


These are the days we’ve waited for. New roads. Our own working well. Mowing, plowing, and tractor driving. Planting. Plans becoming reality. The wild, beautiful bush transforming into something more orderly. {Through hard [full-time!] work, of course.} Here’s a view of the area they’ve been concentrating on lately. This shot was taken from atop a [...]

We have water in the well. Lots of it! Today, I was finally able to see it for myself. I have been to the location, but I haven’t seen any of the work since the guys first started digging about 2 weeks ago. After breakfast this morning, Farmer Jonathan took Elliot and me for a [...]